Portrait and Figure Drawing Workshop with William Maughan

Past Events: Portrait and Figure Drawing Workshop with William Maughan

January 8 - 12, 2018

9am - 5pm

Medium: Drawing

Level: All Levels

This workshop will benefit any artist interested in increasing their understanding of accuracy of form and likeness with drawing the head and the figure. The course is designed to instruct the student on proportions, perspective, sfumato, stereoscopic vision, and structure of the human head and figure. Achieving a likeness through the principle of Chiaroscuro (light and shadow). Developing a sequential procedure from gesture, proportions, shadow shapes, to edge control with portraiture and a sequential procedure from armature, light and shadow mass, to edge control with the rendering of the figure.


About the Instructor:

William Maughan , Graduate Director, School of Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A professional illustrator and fine artist, Mr. Maughan has provided numerous illustrations for such companies as DreamWorks, CBS television, Universal Studios, Chevrolet, Samuel Adams, Milton Bradley Company, to name but a few. His work has been represented by major galleries and publishers, domestically and internationally. Mr. Maughan’s best selling book, "The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head," was published in 2004, is still in print and has been translated into many other languages.


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