Auckland Atelier Newsletter #15

ISSUE #15 ~ 2019-09-25

Introduction to Cold Wax Painting

"It's a rare occurrence for one specific painting medium to have a whole genre of painting associated with it, but Cold Wax Medium is one such medium. Cold Wax Painting is not defined by subject matter nor the degree of realism or abstraction, Cold Wax Painting is unified by artists' shared interest in experimentation, texture and the physicality of paint layers."

~Gamblin Colors

Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6

10am - 4pm

Level: All Levels

Workshop Fee: $260.00

Do you want to paint in layers with a luscious, fast-drying medium that allows you to paint, draw, carve and create textured surfaces? Cold wax medium (CWM) allows you to do all this and more. CWM is a versatile medium that, when mixed with paint or pigment can create vibrancy and patina, translucence and opacity in your paintings.

Wax has a long history in art. For this workshop we will be using cold wax medium. Although wax has been used for centuries, CWM has recently re-surfaced as a contemporary medium, predominantly in the United States, and now becoming more prevalent in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. CWM is not encaustic wax so there is no need to use any heat-based method to make art with wax. CWM is chemically altered beeswax mixed with an organic solvent, combined with oil paints or dry pigments; it can also be used on its own, or mixed with particulates for textural applications. It dries hard.

About the Instructor:

Janet Mazenier is a painter who has been working exclusively with cold wax medium for three years, and, like others who use this luscious medium, is entranced by its ability to create rich surfaces, textures and luminosity. Janet has a training background, having come from working in corporate organisations before starting to practice art full-time in 2012.

Janet completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015, and is currently studying towards her Masters of Fine Art at Elam, University of Auckland. Her studio is based in Devonport, Auckland.

Attendees need to bring:

Apron/old clothes - CWM is fun but messy.

Masking tape

Palette for mixing paint with CWM (paper, wood, glass)

Baby wipes

Palette knife (medium)


Brushes - we won't be focusing on brushwork specifically, but it will be good to have a play

A selection of oil paints e.g. titanium white, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, ultramarine or other dark blue, cerulean / turquoise, yellow cool and warm, black, red, any other favourite colours, iridescents

Oilbars, soft pastels, water-based marker pens (optional)

Greaseproof/waxed paper for wrapping work to take home

We will supply the Cold Wax Medium

To make a booking, please visit Auckland Atelier

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