Introduction to Cold Wax Nov. 30

Workshops: Introduction to Cold Wax Nov. 30

Saturday, November 30

10am - 2pm

Spaces Available:
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Explore the use of Cold Wax Medium using tube oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments, and a variety of implements provided for you in this one day exploratory open studio.

Discover new ways of creating textures and colour fields through layering. We will discuss the different stages of drying and the possibilities and limits at each stage.

Learn techniques such as mark making, how to create line with an oil transfer sheet, "pooling" out with Gamsol, adding dry pigments, veils of colour and other tips and techniques unique to this medium.

Come away with a better under standing of Cold Wax painting so that you can explore on your own.

We will also discuss studio safety, how to care for your tools and what household items you can use in the painting process.

Most materials included. You will just have to bring your own oil paints