Cold Wax Workshop with Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin

Past Events: Cold Wax Workshop with Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin

February 12 - 16 2017

February 19 - 23 2017
Auckland Atelier @ Takapuna Art Supplies
124 Anzac St, Takapuna

Cold wax medium (a paste-like substance mixed with oil paint) offers painters at all levels a wonderful freedom and range of expressive possibilities. In this 5-day workshop, you will explore ways to build up abstract paintings in layers, using cold wax medium and oils, plus other media such as pigment sticks and powdered pigments. Many techniques for working with the visual elements of texture, line, shape, value, color and composition will be demonstrated and practiced in class. Slide presentations will broaden and reinforce your understanding of abstraction. An open, experimental attitude and willingness to engage in intuitive process are keys to getting the most from the overall experience. This workshop is open to all levels of experience with cold wax, from introductory to advanced; your individual needs will be taken into consideration. (We do require that you have some prior painting experience in any medium.)

If you missed this workshop, Rebecca and Jerry's Book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques Concepts & Conversations, is available for purchase, here.

  • 124 Anzac Street
    Auckland 0622
    New Zealand

  • 09 489 7213