Foundation Drawing

Courses: Foundation Drawing

Saturdays 10:30am - 12:30pm

Instructor: David Owain Jones


In this Foundation Drawing Class, students will be introduced to basic materials, working procedures, and methods for drawing from life and imagination. Students will develop confidence in their abilities and be able to transition smoothly into more advanced subjects.

The development of a robust drawing practice provides the foundation for further study in the visual arts, regardless of medium or approach. In this course students learn to draw not just as a material technique, or style, but as means of observing, thinking, and communicating.

This class is suitable both for beginners and more experienced artists looking to refresh their skills and develop a more in depth understanding of their art.

Completion of this class may be considered an entry requirement for upcoming, more advanced courses.

Topics covered will include:

Easels, Drawing Horses and Drawing Boards will be provided

HB – 6B pencils, Drawing paper, kneaded erasers.
Students may supply their own, or purchase them in person, or online in the school shop