Figure Drawing

Courses: Figure Drawing

Class times T.B.A, please contact us to register your interest

Instructor: David Owain Jones


Our natural familiarity with the human figure, alongside its complex combination of movement and anatomical forms, make it the ideal tool for developing knowledge and skill in drawing. This class will introduce time honoured approaches to controlling proportion, capturing gesture and analysing form with line and tone. You will learn to view the figure in terms of simple volumes that are more easily translated to the two dimensional page.

This class is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of drawing and work with the figure in their art or illustration practice, from life and imagination.
Some foundation drawing experience is recommended for this course.

Work will be primarily from the live model with short lectures, demonstrations and analysis of old master drawings.

Topics covered will include:

Easels, Drawing Horses and Drawing Boards will be provided

Charcoal or pastel pencils, in earth tones or black; X-acto or craft knife for sharpening, Sandpaper, Kneadable eraser, Newsprint

(These are the recomended materials, but other substitutes are acceptable based on personal preference) Students may supply their own, or purchase them in person, or online in the school shop