Powerful Design, Personal Color in Cold Wax with Pamela Caughey


February 11 - 15 2018

Auckland Atelier is delighted to be hosting "Powerful Design, Personal Color in Cold Wax/Oil painting," with Pamela Caughey.

Whether you are an artist already working with cold wax medium and oils, or would like to learn, this 5-day workshop will begin or further your knowledge of how to use this exciting medium - one that allows painters to create layers, textures and more.

With the many ways of approaching this medium, Pamela Caughey will help students to understand its uses and application, and explore the next step - how to create a powerful composition using dynamic color and powerful design.

Whether you have a basic understanding of how to create texture and layers in this medium, or want to learn the fundamentals, Pamela Caughey will help you to explore the next step - how to create a powerful composition using dynamic color and powerful design. Each student will be encouraged to express their personal voice through a better understanding of what they love most in their art.

Through fun and exploratory exercises, students will learn how to mix and apply a wide range of color, grays, and glazes that differ in value, temperature and saturation. Through demonstrations, presentations, and working one on one, each student will learn how to strengthen their compositions by understanding what makes strong design. Students will create both small studies and larger works to explore key concepts. With this information, each student will be able to approach a painting at any stage of development and understand the “when” and “how” to pull their paintings together to a satisfying conclusion. She will also discuss the importance of an experimental approach and risk taking during the creative process. Most workshop time will be devoted to painting, with helpful demos and presentations to better understand key concepts presented. There will also be time for individual critique and discussion of each student’s personal artistic goals and progress.

About the instructor:

Pamela Caughey has been a professional artist for over 30 years, and has been teaching both at the University level and more recently, workshops here and abroad since receiving her MFA in 2010. Her contemporary abstract work is exhibited widely and is in the permanent collections of several museums and corporations here and abroad. She specializes in four mediums: cold wax/oil, encaustic, encaustic monotype and mixed media. Two of her cold wax paintings are included in the newly published book by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts, Conversations." She specializes in helping artists find their unique, creative voice by condensing into a 4 or 5 days workshop, what she taught during a 13 week university level course in the fundamentals of 2D design and color. This workshop is for ANY artist who asks, "what's next?", "now what?", and "is it finished?"


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